An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi: Please Resign

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

You do not know my name. I am just another American citizen who has watched you from behind the scenes. I have watched you create lies and attempt to destroy people's lives. I have watched you follow closely in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton, and that is not a compliment.

You are a vile woman. You support the murder of unborn children and you tried your darnedest to get rid of the one president who has done the most to save those babies. That man has worked from day one to shut down Planned Parenthood and advocated for the unborn children who do not have a voice.

The same man has created a booming economy with more jobs and amazing tax cuts. President Donald Trump has invited God back into our country and replaced the backbone that was ripped out by former President Barack Obama.

Perhaps that is why you and the rest of Washington and Hollywood hate him? Trump cannot be controlled. He is already wealthy and therefore cannot be bought by your blood money. Your evil plans and plots were smooth sailing until he somehow broke the rigged election system and beat out crooked Clinton.

That was the moment, wasn't it? That was the very moment you started spinning lies and planting deceit in hopes of a crop powerful enough to one day impeach the president.

In addition to working on getting rid of him, you also worked closely along side people like Maxine Waters and many others to take guns away from American citizens. Nevermind the fact that it is our God given, Constitutional right to bear arms. You knew that if you were ever going to help take down Trump and get this country back under control of the left, you'd also have to take our guns. Why? Because you KNOW we will not go down without a fight.

You take every opportunity possible to humiliate the president and show your disdain for him. We saw that in many instances, with the latest being you ripping up his State of the Union speech.

I think I speak for many, many Americans when I ask you to resign. For the sake of keeping our country great, resign.


A concerned American.

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