Watch: Trump Mentions Pelosi and Entire Crowd Chants 'Lock Her Up'

President Donald Trump held a rally in New Hampshire on Monday as Democrats candidates continue to lunge at each other's throats for the primaries.

When Trump mentioned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her disrespectful conduct during the State of the Union address last week, the crowd started chanting, "Lock her up."

I have been to a few Trump rallies myself, or other engagements when the President has shown up to speak. The crowd energy is amazing and when people begin chanting, "USA," it is a very joyful and empowering moment. However, I remember there also being numerous times of chanting, "Lock her up" in regards to Hillary Clinton.

Is Nancy the new Hillary? It sure appears that way! Although we are still waiting to see crooked killary behind bars.

"I had somebody behind me who was mumbling terribly. Mumbling," Trump poked in fun of Pelosi, "Very distracting."

Then the crowd of thousands of people started the chants of "lock her up." The president nodded and then mouthed, "that's true."

"No, it was very distracting," he added. "I’m speaking, and a woman is mumbling terribly behind me, angry."

The Hill reports: 

Trump's crowds began chanting "lock her up" about 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and often use the refrain when the president mentions her at his rallies. But Monday marked one of the first times it was directed at Pelosi.

Tensions between Trump and Pelosi boiled over last week at the State of the Union. 

Pelosi reached out for a handshake after Trump handed her a copy of his prepared remarks, but the president appeared to ignore her. Throughout the speech, Pelosi avoided looking at the president and at times shook her head “no” as he spoke about health care and Social Security.

When Trump concluded his address, Pelosi picked up her copy of the prepared remarks and ripped them in half, a moment that dominated cable news in the aftermath of the speech.

I don't blame the president. I wouldn't have shaken that woman's hand either! She just spend nearly four years trying to impeach an innocent man!

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