97-Year-Old American Parachutes in France, Last Time He Did It Was 75 Years Ago on D-Day

Tom Rice, a 97-year-old American, parachuted in France 75 years after first doing it in France during the United States invasion on D-Day. About his most recent jump Rice said, "They weren't shooting at me."

Tom rice 97-year-old american

Per CBS News:

Tom Rice, 97, has been to Normandy before, but the reception then was a lot less welcoming. Seventy-five years ago, he was part of the vanguard of the D-Day invasion, and he was among the 18,000 paratroopers who would be dropped behind enemy lines.

Their job was to prevent German reinforcements from reaching the front as the main invasion force stormed the beaches.

Tom Rice sure is a tough old man. It looked like a very rough landing but he handled it very well.

This man is a hero. Thank you to all of the men and women who gave and risked it all to give us the freedom we have today.

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