WATCH: Adam Schiff Says Trump Could be Indicted After Presidency - 'He is Not Above the Law'

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that President Trump could be indicted when he leaves office. This was during an appearance on "Face the Nation" on Sunday. He said the SDNY should indict President Trump when his presidency ends for campaign finance violations.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome of Adam Schiff is nothing new. Despite this he has as recently as June suggested that he doesn't recommend impeachment of President Trump.

Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York wrapped up their investigation on Wednesday. The investigation was over two "hush payments" made by Donald Trump in 2016. The conclusion was that there is nothing illegal about hush payments and the investigation is now closed out with no new charges.

That's not good enough for Schiff. He says the SDNY should re-open this investigation after the Trump presidency ends.

Schiff claims that since Michael Cohen is in jail then President Trump should be since he directed him to make the payments.

He took things a step further and said the only reason President Trump is not in jail is because he is the current president. So in Schiff's mind the DOJ will just have to wait until President Trump leaves office.

“[Trump” is essentially a unindicted co-conspirator — he has been identified as ‘individual one’ as the person who directed Michael Cohen to commit this fraudulent campaign scheme,” Schiff said.

Remember, Barack Obama took millions of dollars from foreign donors, violating campaign finance laws. He was not put in jail, simply fined.

Schiff Says Trump Could be Indicted