Alyssa Milano Can't BELIEVE Joe Rogan is More Popular Than Her in INSANE Twitter Meltdown!

Pro-choice, left-wing activist and actress Alyssa Milano had a break down on Thursday, sending her into a frenzy of tweets in all caps.

Milano was upset because Joe Rogan's podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, has triple the listeners than her podcast.

“We live in a world WHERE JOE ROGAN’s PODCAST HAS TRIPLE THE LISTENERS AS MINE!! Dear god,” she tweeted, “I’ve got a lot of words tonight. Care if I vent?”

“First of all — whoever voted for Trump in 2016 and hasn’t seen the light in the last four years, is a complete mystery to me,” Milano wrote. “He’s horrible and every day is a new low. It’s not too late to do what’ right.”

“DONALD TRUMP IS THE WORST. Hello? What is he going to do between the time he loses and Biden is sworn in?” she continued. “He will still be in power. We are so fucked. 150,000 Americans lost. Tens of millions of jobs lost. And he’s bragging about a cognitive test that my 5 year old passed.”

“I can’t stop eating carbs. Also, Cheezits. Also, everything,” she said shortly after, disclosing that she also does not recall the last time she shaved her legs. How bizarre.

“I miss wandering around a book store and having date nights with my husband I don’t remember the last time I shaved my legs. Actually, I do. It was for my cousin’s wedding in MARCH. (4 months),” Milano cried. “And even with all of this going on people still find the time to call me horrible things on social media. …I think I’m done venting now.”

“I feel better. How are you doing?” she concluded.

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