Alyssa Milano Posts Vacation Bikini Photo and Gets Nuked on Instagram

It's been a while since we last checked in with Alyssa Milano, known for her love of Stanley tumblers and stays at Hampton Inn as a travel ball mom.

The last encounter involved Milano attending the Super Bowl, soon after she had requested her followers to contribute to a GoFundMe for her son's 12U travel ball trip to Cooperstown.

Recently, Milano made waves from Cabo, sharing on Instagram, "Couples trip to #nobuloscabosresidences. Ummm. This place is absolute perfection," praising the long-term stay options, romantic ambiance, and family-friendly environment. She boasted about the top-notch hospitality, food, and cocktails, adding, "We are here with all our couples best friends and I can’t stop smiling."

Is this trip sponsored, one might wonder?

Meanwhile, there's a $15,000 pool from GoFundMe, initially boosted by OutKick founder Clay Travis, who helped reach the $10,000 goal. Yet, the GoFundMe still runs, now over $15,450.

Instagram users reacted, one asking, "Was this a GoFundMe trip also?" while another incredulously added, "Really didn't think you had friends?"

Amidst criticism of her fundraising, some fans speculated on cosmetic work Milano might have had. "Oh Alyssa, I see why you were ‘quiet for a while’. You had work done," a fan expressed disappointment, admiring her natural beauty and pleading for no more alterations.

Further gossip included questions about breast implants.

"Breast implants are such a bizarre concept..."

Curiosity also arose about the cost of such lavish vacations. Staying at Nobu Los Cabos costs between $500 to $900 per night, with dining options like a $58 fish and chips, or a $73 ribeye with truffle butter, not to mention cocktails starting at $25.

These prices seem steep for someone who was recently fundraising for travel expenses. "Funny I thought you were broke and asking fans for money ??? I wish I was as poor as you are !!!!" an Instagram user remarked.

Indeed, the contrast between her online appeals for funds and her current lifestyle strikes a chord.