Bad News for People Sneaking Into Costco Food Court

Costco is known for shaking things up, despite sometimes facing backlash. Fans are particularly touchy about changes to the beloved food court. They recently added a chocolate chip cookie to the menu, amidst rumors they might bring back the popular churro after complaints. But some Costco decisions are set in stone.

Business Insider reported in 2018 that Costco's founder, Jim Sinegal, firmly defended keeping the Kirkland hot dog combo at $1.50, a price unchanged since 1985. Yet, Costco is now tightening rules on who gets to enjoy these deals.

A Reddit post in the r/Costco subreddit revealed a new policy: starting April 8, 2024, only members can use the food court. This move sparked debate on Fox5 News, with one reporter questioning the brand loyalty it aims to build and another humorously decrying "Fast food discrimination."

This policy stirred discussions, especially after a sign was spotted in Orlando, Florida. Before this, food court access varied by location, with some already requiring a Costco membership, according to Reddit users.

It appears Costco is getting strict about non-members enjoying cheap eats without a membership. This strategy might convert fence-sitters into full-fledged members.

Some Reddit users are pleased, hoping shorter lines and lower prices will remain perks for members. Non-members have a short window to indulge in Costco's food court before the policy takes effect. For those who can't resist the deals, memberships start at $60 a year.