Batty Bette Midler Bashes Trump for 'Not wanting America's Coronavirus Numbers to go up'

Actress Bette Midler bashed President Donald Trump on Sunday for not wanting “America’s coronavirus numbers” to “go up.”

Uh, yeah. It's his job to do what he can to protect Americans....including taking measures to prevent the spread of a virus.

She tweeted, "Trump wants to leave sick people on that docked cruise ship so America’s coronavirus numbers don’t go up."

This is not fake news. Yes she really tweeted that. She's criticizing Trump for not wanting the virus numbers to go up in the United States. She’s attacking Trump for not wanting to see the number of coronavirus cases in the country go up.

Does she really think people are going to look at that as a bad thing? If anything, she's helping to make him look better!

The Hocus Pocus actress added into the tweet, “After hearing this I had to wash my brain for 20 seconds with hot soapy water while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice.”

Ummm....Okay then.


Bette Midler is apparently referring to the Grand Princess, a cruise ship with 21 passengers who have tested positive for the coronavirus. The ship and its 2,421 passengers and 1,113 crew members were scheduled to dock in Oakland, California, on Monday.

On Sunday, out of an abundance of caution, because he is not the spokesman for the White House response, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson said he did not want to “preview the plan right now” for the cruise ship.

“I think it needs to all come from a solitary source. We shouldn’t have 16 people saying what the plan is — particularly when it hasn’t been fully formulated,” Carson added.

On Monday morning, according to the latest news reports, passengers and crew are in fact disembarking as scheduled, and under highly controlled circumstances.

Princess Cruises president released the following statement: “All of us at Princess Cruises offer our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the federal, state and local authorities who are coordinating, collaborating and activating resources and personnel in support of this response to provide care and attend to the health and well-being of our guests and crew."

Just in case she deletes her tweet, here's a screenshot for good measure:

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