Bernie Accuses Trump of being 'Most Corrupt President in US History'

I am big man, hear me roar! That's basically how I see Senator Bernie Sanders at this point. He's saying anything he can to get attention and stay relevant.

The presidential candidate is now accusing President Trump of being “most corrupt president in American history.”

I guess he completely overlooked former President Barack Obama. Right?

Breitbart reports:

The Sanders campaign is rolling out two more ads ahead of Saturday’s caucuses in Nevada. The first, titled “Nevada First,” focuses primarily on the “climate crisis,” describing the socialist senator as the only candidate who “has a plan bold enough to avert the climate crisis and put Nevada first.”

“As president, he’ll create good-paying jobs building the infrastructure and affordable housing we need to keep immigrant families together and end the greed and corruption destroying our planet,” the ad says:

The second ad, “Belongs to Us,” takes a different approach and attacks the president directly.“But the greed and corruption undermining our democracy is bigger than one man,” Sanders states in the ad, “When we stand together, we will make billionaires pay their fair share, provide better wages for workers and equal pay for women,” he says, promising to expand Social Security and “guarantee health care for all.”

“I’m Bernie Sanders, and I approve this message because the future doesn’t belong to Trump and his billionaire friends,” he added. “It belongs to us”:

The most recent survey out of Nevada, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and AARP Nevada poll, shows the socialist senator leading in the Silver State by seven points — 25 percent to Joe Biden’s (D) 18 percent support:

So far, five Democrat candidates — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Joe Biden (D), and Pete Buttigieg (D) — have qualified and will appear on the same debate stage at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday evening.

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