Beto Supporters Beat Trump Piñata During Rally in El Paso

On Monday night President Trump held a rally in El Paso, TX, the hometown of Beto O'Rourke. At the same time, Beto held a counter rally in El Paso.

President Trump told his audience that 69,000 people signed up for his rally. The arena was jam packed to capacity.

Not far from the President Trump rally, Beto "Bobby" O'Rourke held a counter rally. It was also in El Paso and not far from the Trump rally. During their rally they waved Mexican flags and beat a Trump Piñata in the head. Very classy stuff.

The mainstream media claims that there was more of a turnout for the Beto rally. There were more people watching Trump's rally on a monitor outside the arena than there were in Beto's entire rally.