Biden Declares AG Barr 'Should Absolutely Resign'

On Monday, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared on MSNBC's “Deadline White House,” and called for Attorney General William Barr to resign. Which makes complete sense because Biden is running for president and he wants to get rid of Trump. So his first step in getting rid of Trump is getting rid of Barr.

Host Nicolle Wallace asked, “So, we have been talking about the letter signed by more than 2,000 former Justice Department officials of both political parties calling on Attorney General Barr to resign. Do you join their calls for his resignation?”

BIDEN: “Absolutely positive. This has been the most — the greatest abuse of power I have ever seen at the hands of this President who has no, no sense of decency or understanding of the Constitution. And Barr’s facilitating it is beyond my comprehension. I’ve been around a long time, I used to chair the Judiciary Committee for years. No president, no president, no president has ever intimidated an Attorney General into abusing power as much as this man has. It’s disgusting.”

WALLACE: “I had your experience chairing the Judiciary Committee in mind when I thought that I would love your thoughts about whether what you’ve witnessed has forced you to put together what you would do as president. Do you have candidates in mind to serve as your Attorney General to try to put this department back together?”

BIDEN: “Yes. I can think of at least three off the top of my head, including women.”

WALLACE: “Can you share them with us?”

BIDEN: “No. Because it would be a bit presumptuous of me now, I don’t have the nomination yet. And I’ll get criticized for doing it. But I’ve thought a lot about this, an awful lot about this. I really believe, Nicolle, our democracy’s at risk. Four more years of this guy, our democracy is at risk. It’s the greatest abuse of power we have ever, ever seen. The guy I used to work for is rolling over in his grave, John McCain. I mean, God, this guy has little social redeeming value.”

WALLACE: “Listen, I wanted just to ask you one more question about the Justice Department and how under your administration you’d direct it. Would it be your mindset to investigate this President? Congress hasn’t really been able to get very far because of the stonewalling. Would you direct your DoJ to examine either the Trump Organization enriching themselves or would it be your instinct to try to turn the page?”

BIDEN: “Try to turn the page in the sense that do not direct, you do not direct the Attorney General’s office to engage in certain investigations or prosecutions. Let the Attorney General make that judgment based on evidence that comes before him. But the idea that we would have to go back, and I’d insist that whomever my Attorney General was, they go back and scrub all of the mistakes and all the excesses of this Administration, get rid of every executive order that he’s instituted related to the Justice Department. As well as, use as an object lesson, what not to do. This is not the President’s personal lawyer, period. Vindictiveness is not his to possess.”

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