Bill Maher Reveals Why Trevor Noah and John Oliver Have More Awards Than Him

Bill Maher gets two times the viewers of Trevor Noah and John Oliver. Maher's content creates meaningful discussion while Noah and Oliver's content does not.

Maher gets attention from both sides of the political aisle, while Noah and Oliver only attract the far left.

Despite all of this Noah and Oliver get far more awards. Maher has been nominated for an Emmy 41 times with zero wins. Maher has lot to Noah and Oliver both head to head several times. Oliver has 17 wins.

While appearing on Chris Cuomo's new show on NewsNation, of all places, Maher was asked by Cuomo about Noah and Oliver being placed on a pedestal above him.

“Looking at just a sheer metric of ratings, OK? You crush John Oliver regularly. Trevor Noah’s, you crush his numbers. You do not [win] the way they do for Emmys. Why do you think you don’t get the shine that they do?" Cuomo asked.

Maher fired back with a deadly accurate response.

“Because I tell the truth,” Maher responded.  “I don’t perform for just one-half of the country and say the things that will make them applaud.”

Check out the clip of the interview here:

An example of Maher telling the truth is his saying that Biden needs to dump Kamala Harris before 2024. You can rest assured that Noah or Oliver would never, ever say something like that.

No matter how you feel about Maher, it's commendable that he's able to speak the truth even when it offends the Democrats.

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