Black Republicans Take Aim at Biden's 'Real Record on Race' With Six-Figure Ad Buy to Air During Debate

A key Republican lawmaker is launching a major ad campaign during the CNN Presidential Debate. Congressman Wesley Hunt's Hellfire PAC will air a 60-second ad on Fox News and CNN in key battleground states. The ad criticizes President Biden's record on race.

Hunt aims to convince Black voters to support Trump. He highlights Biden's controversial comments and policies on race. "Joe Biden's history as a politician reveals a pattern of making explicitly racist comments," Hunt told Fox News Digital.

Hellfire PAC's video starts with Kamala Harris questioning Biden's past opposition to school desegregation. In a 2020 debate, Harris noted Biden's work with segregationist lawmakers. She recalled her own experience being bused to school as a child.

The ad scrutinizes Biden's relationships with segregationist Democrats. It includes his 2019 comments about the "civility" of working with them. Biden defended himself, saying there is "not a racist bone in my body."

The video features various controversial statements from Biden. In 2012, he told Black voters Republicans would "put y'all back in chains." In 2019, he said, "poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids."

Biden's description of Obama as "articulate, and bright and clean" is also highlighted. Hunt, who is Black, argued that no Republican could say such things without severe backlash. "When Democrat President Joe Biden does it, there’s always an excuse," Hunt said.

The Biden campaign responded, defending the president's record. They pointed to achievements like record low Black unemployment and historic funding for HBCUs. "Black voters are going to make Trump a two-time loser this November," said Sarafina Chitika.

The Hellfire PAC ad will air in major cities during the debate. Americans can watch the CNN Presidential Debate Simulcast on Fox News Channel. Viewers can also catch Fox's live coverage for expert analysis.

Hunt traveled to Atlanta for an event with Rep. Byron Donalds. They call it "Congress, Cognac and Cigars," moderated by Sage Steele. The discussion focuses on how Black male voters will impact the 2024 election.

Hunt aims to help Republicans capture 25% to 35% of the Black male vote. Multiple exit polls show Trump won 19% of Black male voters in 2020. The vast majority of Black voters still supported Biden.