Brilliant Kid Baits NBA Dance Cam Into Showing a Pro-Hong Kong T-Shirt

Tensions are high in the NBA between their league and China after Daryl Morey issued a tweet that backed Hong Kong.

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In the weeks since this tweet, the NBA has stumbled over one another, passing blame as the league nearly unanimously stands with China.

This brilliant kid at an NBA tricked the dance came into showcasing his pro-Hong Kong t-shirt on the videoboard.

Kids Bait NBA Team Into Showing Pro-Hong Kong T-Shirt

No matter how you feel about the China situation, you must admit this kid did a great job of tricking the scoreboard operators into delivering his message.

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Meanwhile the NBA continues to pretend that their stance on China isn't solely based on money.

Adam Silver, LeBron aren't fooling anyone.

This China relationship is about one thing and one thing only: