Candace Owens: 'Democrats have Abandoned Black Americans'

American Conservative commentator, author, and political activist Candace Owens is continuing to do what she does best: call out the left, especially where it concerns black Americans. She is especially critical of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Democratic party because they are not helping the black community like they pretend to.

She said that they have actually "left black voters behind." While Democratic candidates cater to "the sensibilities of white uber-liberals," President Trump has actually proven to help African-Americans in our country.

"Black voters, who represent about a quarter of the entire Democrat electorate, are finding themselves increasingly out of step with a Party establishment that is rapidly abandoning traditional liberal values in favor of radical proposals that would completely upend American society." Owens continued, "Nearly 70 percent of black Democrats, for instance, insist that candidates must explain their plans to create jobs, compared to only 39 percent of white Democrats."

She explained that while white Democrats hold issues like global warming high on the priority list, black Democrats do not. Instead, they see things like job creation and taxes as high priority. In other words, the Democratic party does not care about the "primary concerns shared by a huge proportion of African American voters."

Honestly, I'm with them! Those two issues are far more important than a made up "global warming" occurrence.

"The racial divide within the Democrat base works in the opposite direction, as well. The issues that white Democrats care deeply about — such as climate change, open borders, and government-run healthcare — are completely secondary in the eyes of black voters." Owens said.

She continued, "As the Democrat candidates have largely left black voters out of the conversation in this election by emphasizing the priorities of white liberals, President Trump has done far more than just talk about the issues that African Americans care about — he’s backed up his rhetoric with results, implementing pro-growth economic policies that have produced enormous benefits for the African American community."

She's not wrong! Under President Trump, African American unemployment is at an all time historic low.

Owens concluded, "Liberals will eventually come to regret abandoning black voters in their extreme lurch to the left, because if the Democrats are just going to blithely ignore us, we’ve got a perfectly able champion in President Trump."