Catholic Official Praises Harris as 'Just Wonderful' Despite Supporting Abortion

Donna Toliver Grimes, associate director of African American affairs in the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church, praised Joe Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris as "just wonderful."

It is surprising to hear such praise coming from a black Catholic leader for someone who staunchly supports the murder of unborn children in the womb.

“I was so elated. We, the community, need good news, and this was just wonderful,” Grimes said in an interview with the Catholic News Service. “She wasn’t my top candidate in the primaries, and she wasn’t my top pick for vice president, … [but] she’s really deserving and brings a lot to the table.”

Life News reports:

CNS noted that Grimes was not speaking on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops when she praised Harris. The bishops are encouraging Catholic voters to make protections for unborn babies a “preeminent priority” at the voting booth in November.

Dominican Father Aniedi Okure, executive director of the Africa Faith and Justice Network, also expressed excitement that Harris could be the next vice president.

“Given what the country has been going through lately, with the fallout from (the killing of) George Floyd, it is something that’s pointing in the right direction …” he said. “The United States is an inclusive community. All of this is happening, and things are getting better in that sense. So I think really it’s something to look forward to.”

Grimes also said that she believes 'devout Catholic' Biden to support policies that are “favorable to people on the margins.”

“I would expect [Biden] would put good people in his Cabinet, who would not damage the agencies, or ignore the mission,” she said.

So do the unborn not fit into those margins, then?

The hashtag #SaveOurChildren is trending on social media, and for good reason. For the sake of millions, we need to include unborn babies in that fight. If you are pro-life, I urge you not to vote for Biden and Harris in November.

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