Championship Coach Fights Back Against Those Who Want Their Prayers 'Banned'

Dawn Staley struggled to speak through her tears. "We serve an unbelievable God," she emotionally stated. Her response came after ESPN's Holly Rowe asked how her team overcame Caitlin Clark and Iowa to win the national championship.

Staley, the South Carolina women's basketball coach, initially focused on her faith before discussing her team. She's openly Christian, which sometimes causes controversy. After some backlash for her remarks post the Elite Eight victory, Staley stood firm. She refused to apologize for her faith-driven comments, emphasizing her life's experiences and attributing her success to God.

"I'm not going to apologize for what I said or what I feel because I know my life and I know why things have happened in my life and I'm going to salute God as much as I can because I know it's not just my doing," Staley firmly stated. Her words echoed her deep belief in the divine influence on her career and life.

In her postgame conversation with Rowe, Staley reiterated the significance of God in achieving South Carolina's undefeated season. "God is funny like that. He’s funny. He rips your heart out and he makes you believer," she reflected. Her comments highlighted a sense of divine humor and challenge in her journey.

During the trophy presentation, Staley continued to express her faith. She praised God for opening doors after closing others, leading to "unimaginable success." The crowd's cheers underscored the resonance of her message.

Staley also took a moment to acknowledge Caitlin Clark. She thanked the Iowa star for her immense contribution to women's basketball, highlighting the sport's growing recognition and appreciation.