Chipotle Customer Snaps After Disgusting Find in Burrito Bowl: 'I thought everyone was lying'

Chipotle is allegedly serving raw chicken again. People are fed up.

The chain has faced constant criticism recently. Customers claim portions are smaller even as prices rise.

A bug was found in the cheese bin on a recent visit. Now, a woman is going viral for allegedly being served raw chicken.

“Chipotle, you are f*cking disgusting,” says Veronica (@vandvvlogs) in her viral TikTok.

“This was my last time. Everyone was right. I thought they were lying. I’m sorry. They were right,” Veronica says.

In the viral video, with nearly two million views, Veronica shows raw, pink-toned chicken from her order. It’s clearly undercooked.

“You would think this is a prank, but I’m not pranking,” Veronica says.

Searching “Chipotle Raw Chicken” on TikTok reveals dozens of similar videos. Googling it shows many forum discussions about raw chicken at Chipotle.

Eating raw chicken or cross-contaminated food can cause salmonella.

The Centers for Disease Control say salmonella causes diarrhea, fever, and cramps. Most recover in four to seven days, sometimes needing antibiotics. Severe cases might require hospitalization.

To sue for undercooked chicken, you must have gotten sick. You can’t sue just for being served raw chicken; there must be negative consequences like illness or missed work, according to 360 Training.

A lawsuit could cover medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.

If you don’t want to sue, you can report the issue to your local health department. This could prompt an inspection.