Chris Christie Caught Ripping Nikki Haley on Hot Mic

Chris Christie, who used to be the Governor of New Jersey, criticized Nikki Haley. He said this when he thought the microphone was off. He said he thinks Nikki Haley will lose badly in the Republican Party primary race.

This happened just before Christie told his supporters in Windham, New Hampshire, that he was stopping his run for president.

Christie said on the hot mic: "I mean, look, she spent $68 million so far, just on TV. Spent $68 million so far, $59 million by DeSantis. And we spent 12. I mean, who’s punching above their weight and who’s getting a return on their investment, you know? And she’s going to get smoked. And you and I both know it. She’s not up to this."

Then Christie mentioned that Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, called him. He said DeSantis was very worried about something. But then the hot mic stopped working.

Ron DeSantis replied to what Christie said on the hot mic. He wrote on a platform called X: “I agree with Christie that Nikki Haley is ‘going to get smoked.'”

When Christie said he was stopping his campaign for president, he also seemed to criticize Haley. He said that anyone who doesn't admit Trump isn't suitable to be president isn't fit to be president themselves. Last month, Christie said Haley should be ashamed for saying Trump is fit to be president.

NBC News said that DeSantis called Christie. He told Christie that no matter what Christie decides to do in the race, he values what Christie has done.

Reporter Dasha Burns reported that during Christie's call with DeSantis, Christie criticized Haley a lot. He called her a joke, said she's doing very poorly, and isn't capable of handling the job.