CNN Host to Navarro: Don’t Say ‘China Virus’ on This Show

On Wednesday, White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro appeared on CNN's "New Day" with host John Berman. As they spoke about the coronavirus, Berman got extremely flustered at Navarro's use of the term "Chine virus" and told him he cannot say that on the show again.

The two had a lengthy debate about hydroxychloroquine, and then Navarro asked why Americans are fighting with each other when it was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who infected the U.S.

Berman responded that Navarro should ask President Donald Trump about that. “I will say, that this virus that has affected the United States right now –," he continued.

Navarro cut in, “The China virus, the C.C.P. virus.”

Berman replied, “We let you say that once, Peter, please don’t say it again on this show. I know why you’re saying it.”

Navarro laughed and said, “The China virus” once again.

Berman clapped back, “All right, Peter Navarro, we appreciate you being with us. I know what you’re trying to do there. There are Asian Americans who have told us that they have become the source of crimes.”

Navarro smiled and responded, “The C.C.P. virus, my friend. We love the Chinese people, John. They are hardworking, and they are under the boot of an authoritarian government.”

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