Coca-Cola Launches Brand New Flavor

Coca-Cola is introducing a new flavor, Coca-Cola Spiced, later this month. It mixes classic Coke with raspberry and spiced flavors, aimed at North American consumers.

This addition will be permanent. Starting Feb. 19, it'll be available in the U.S. and Canada, with a special countdown on Coca-Cola's website.

Customers can choose between a full-sugar or zero sugar version. This is Coca-Cola's first permanent new flavor in over three years, following limited-time offerings like Y3000 and Dreamworld.

Owned by Coca-Cola are brands like Fanta and Dasani. The announcement comes just before their fourth-quarter financial results.

Coca-Cola's drinks make up a significant portion of global beverage consumption, with 2.2 billion servings daily. In 2022, Coke products represented 46% of their 32.7 billion total unit cases.