Costco Fans Are Begging For International Food Court Item to Come to the US

Costco shoppers have a love/hate relationship with the food court. Most love it, but changes spark the hate. When Costco swapped strawberry ice cream for chocolate, the backlash was fierce. "Big mistake!" diners declared.

Last year, Costco axed the twisted churro. Fans were upset, but some made the best of it. They crumbled the replacement cookies into ice cream. Opinions split—some glad, some devastated.

Costco shoppers have strong opinions. U.S. customers often envy international menus. Canadian Costcos, for instance, offer chicken strips and fries. These items are absent in the U.S., causing FOMO.

A Reddit thread highlighted this disparity. Photos showed Canadian offerings like hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream. But chicken strips and fries stole the show. U.S. shoppers were envious. "Chicken and fries would be a hit here," one said. A Canadian replied, "You don't have chicken strips? They're the best!"

Why can't U.S. Costcos have them? One reason could be the lack of deep fryers. Chicken strips and fries require frying. Another commenter noted the fries come plain or as poutine. Poutine, with gravy and cheese curds, adds to the envy.

A Canadian described the fries as "perfectly salted and steaming hot." U.S. shoppers felt the salt in their wounds. One person rallied for change, suggesting a Reddit campaign. They wanted chicken strips, fries, and poutine in the U.S.

If that doesn't work, who will picket outside every U.S. Costco? The demand is clear: crispy chicken strips and hot, salted fries for all.