Demi Moore Releases Stunning Video While on Beach Vacation With Daughters: 'Ageless'

Demi Moore and her three daughters, Tallulah, Scout, and Rumer, are soaking up the sun on a family beach vacation. Moore jumped on a TikTok trend Tuesday, sharing a playful video featuring her family and friends transitioning from home to a beach, all set to Elvis Presley's "Burning Love."

In her post, Moore tagged the video "Family fun in the sun" and credited family friend Patrick Hilgårt for his slick editing skills. The video also spotlighted Eric Buterbaugh and Demi’s dog, Pilaf.

The clip charmingly captures Rumer's one-year-old daughter, Louetta, crawling around before being swept up by her mother and transported to the beach. Through clever editing, each participant starts at home in regular clothes and magically lands on the beach in swimsuits.

Demi, at 61, impresses in a chic leopard print bikini after starting in white linen attire. The transformation drew a lot of attention from her fans.

Commenters on Demi's post were quick to praise her age-defying physique, with one admirer noting, "Can we talk real quick about how that badass mama has a stronger physique at 61 than most 20 year olds?" Others expressed envy and admiration for her timeless appearance.

Curiosity arose about Bruce Willis's absence from the vacation video. One commenter mentioned, "Where's Bruce? With his wife and their little girls.. Demi and the older girls aren't with him 24/7. He has other people in his life too."

Although Bruce wasn't part of this trip, he and Demi have maintained a friendly relationship post-divorce. They originally married in 1987, had their three daughters, and divorced in 2000.

Post-divorce, both Bruce and Demi found new partners. Bruce married Emma Heming Willis in 2009 and has two children with her, while Demi married Ashton Kutcher in 2005, though they divorced in 2013.