Democrat Congressman Fails to Name a Single Thing the 'Inflation Reduction Act' Does to Reduce Inflation: 'Next Question'

If the Inflation Reduction Act is going to reduce inflation, surely those who voted it in should be able to give a few things it's going to do to reduce inflation, right? Wrong.

Congressman Jamie Raskin was asked to answer a very simple question: What specific parts of the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act" are going to reduce inflation?

His answer? Next question.

Does anyone seriously believe that printing more money and throwing it at climate change and electric vehicles will help with inflation? No one can seriously be that stupid, can they?

Even CNN knows this is nonsense. Last week a CNN analyst said, “The prescription drug stuff doesn't happen for years. The climate stuff is out in the future somewhere. The main issue is inflation, and it does nothing despite the bill’s title.”

“The prescription drug stuff doesn't happen for years. The climate stuff is out in the future somewhere. The main issue is inflation, and it does nothing despite the bill’s title.”

Eventually CNN is going to realize that inviting Scott Jennings on their network is not a good idea. He actually speaks he truth once in a while.

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