Democrat Katie Hill Being Investigated Over Sex Scandal

On Wednesday the House Ethics Committee announced that Democrat Rep. Katie Hill (CA) is being investigated for an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of her congressional staffers.

RedState reported on Friday that Hill has allegedly been a part of a "throuple" that was a sexual relationship with a female campaign staffer. After that she also had an affair with one of her other staffers.

Wednesday the following statement was released by Ted Deutch (D-FL), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics:

The Committee is aware of public allegations that Representative Katie Hill may have engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on her congressional staff, in violation of House Rule XXIII, clause 18(a).  The Committee, pursuant to Committee Rule 18(a), has begun an investigation and will gather additional information regarding the allegations.

The Committee notes that the mere fact that it is investigating these allegations, and publicly disclosing its review, does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred, or reflect any judgment on behalf of the Committee.  No other public comment will be made on this matter except in accordance with Committee rules.

Hill release a statement to Politico on Tuesday where she denied the sexual relationship with the congressional staffer, but did not deny there were sexual relations with her younger female staffer from her campaign.

"The fact is I am going through a divorce from an abusive husband who seems determined to try to humiliate me," Hill said in a statement to POLITICO.

"I am disgusted that my opponents would seek to exploit such a private matter for political gain. This coordinated effort to try to destroy me and people close to me is despicable and will not succeed,” she said. “I, like many women who have faced attacks like this before, am stronger than those who want me to be afraid."

"Intimate photos of me and another individual were published by Republican operatives on the internet without my consent," Hill said in her statement. "I have notified Capitol Hill police who are investigating the situation and potential legal violations of those who posted and distributed the photos, and therefore will have no further comment on the digital materials."

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She has turned herself into the victim in this situation. When you are in a political office and take part in these types of activities, you are certainly going to be scrutinized.