All Democrat Candidates Raise Their Hand in Support of Free Health Care For Illegal Immigrants

Was this the moment when the Democrats lost the 2020 election? All of the major Democrat candidates raised their hand in support of free health care for illegal immigrants.

After the debate Kamala Harris tried to back out of her decision to raise her hand in support of the free healthcare. Seriously.

It was a pretty clear question. The more likely truth is that she didn't have the guts to be the only one with her hand down and went with it. Guy Benson called her out on her nonsense.

It comes as no surprise that President Trump had his iPhone locked and loaded while the debate was going on. He shared his thoughts on when they all raised their hand in support of the free healthcare for illegal immigrants:

Is it the end of the race? There will be more debates and these candidates will be given the chance to clarify their stances, but many Americans will not get behind someone who holds this stance.

This is a country who supported President Trump, in large part, because of his desire to secure the borders and take care of the issues within the country. The Dems are looking to wipe out everything he has done and open the borders, giving everyone who invades free healthcare.

After the two opening debates, it's very clear that there is a lot of work to do for the Democratic Party if they want to come even close to challenging President Trump in 2020.