Dems Cry about SOTU Address: 'It was a MAGA Rally'

President Donald Trump's State of the Union address was awesome! So of course Democrats are groaning and moaning about it.

In fact, Democrats are so butthurt about Trump and his speech, that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi literally ripped up her copy of the president's speech and sat it aside. So mature.

When reporters asked her what her thoughts on the speech was, she said, “I tore it up,” and added that she felt it was "the courteous thing to do given the alternatives."

Perhaps she is feeling burned that Trump did not shake her extended hand when he was passing out copies of his speech? If I was him, I wouldn't have shaken the hand of the woman who just spent the last four years trying to impeach me either!

The Hill reports:

In many ways, Trump’s 80-minute speech represented a starting gun for his reelection campaign. It was short on bipartisan policy proposals and included plenty of red meat for his base that he will need to turn out at the polls in order to propel him to a second term in November.

Trump took credit for the economic recovery and contended he had reversed “American decline” — a line Democrats saw as a not-so-veiled shot at President Obama’s eight years of growth. He also railed against "sanctuary cities" for undocumented immigrants and bragged that he was building hundred of miles of new wall along the Mexico border.

Good on him for taking credit. He IS the reason that we are in the place we are today. The economy is thriving and it is in large due to who we have as president today.

“If I wanted to attend a MAGA rally, I would attend a MAGA rally,” Senator Chris Van Hollen whined, “The president never misses an opportunity to further divide the country. It was a disgraceful performance."

“The only good moments were recognizing some of the great Americans in the balcony, but the president really turned this into a circus performance,” he added, “I’ve never seen a president disgrace the House of Representatives in the chamber the way President Trump did tonight.”

I'm guessing he is referring to Trump calling on Congress to ban late term abortions? Of course Democrats don't want to get rid of that. It's a money maker and population control all in one! What could be better in their eyes?

“I just walked out of the #StateOfTheUnion. I’ve had enough. It’s like watching professional wrestling. It’s all fake,” Rep. Tim Ryan tweeted.

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney said that the speech was “a lot of reality TV," and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer claimed that it was inappropriate.

"That's not what the State of the Union's supposed to be about. It's not a political rally with some of his supporters in one of these places he goes all over the country and whips up these crowds,” Hoyer added, "The speech was to whip up his base, and brought up very divisive issues on which there is disagreement. So it didn't set the table for bipartisan agreement."

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