Denied! Judge Rules Against American-Born Woman Who Wants to Return After Joining ISIS

An American-born woman from Alabama left the United States to join the Islamic State (ISIS). After traveling to Syria and joining the terrorist group, she wants to return home to her family in the states. However, she is no longer considered an American citizen, and has been denied reentry.

U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton denied Hoda Muthana's lawsuit, brought forward by her family, to force the federal government to let her back in.

Fox 5 reports:

Muthana, 25, currently lives with her 2-year-old son in a refugee camp in Syria and has since repudiated the terrorist group. A court motion said she and child, identified only as John Doe, were moved from the Roj refugee camp after receiving death threats from ISIS supporters and that their lives are in danger, The New York Times reported.

The claim reads, “The citizenship status of minor John Doe depends upon the status of Ms. Muthana; accordingly, regardless of the choices made by his mother, the health and survival of a young U.S. citizen depends upon the expeditious resolution of Ms. Muthana’s civil case."

Muthana's lawyer, Christina Jump, told BuzzFeed News that there was a "likely basis" to appeal Walton's ruling.

“While we are disappointed with and disagree with the court’s ruling today, this is not the end of our client’s legal options,” Jump added.

In 2014, Muthana withdrew from college and left her home in Alabama to travel to Syria after being radicalized by ISIS online. She promoted the group's ideology on social media and called on Muslims to commit attacks in America, such as drive-by shootings and attempts to assassinate former President Barack Obama.

During her time in Syria, she got pregnant and had a baby with an ISIS terrorist fighter, who was killed later on. After his death, she apologized and begged to return to the United States, even if it meant she would face charges.

"I was really young and ignorant," Muthana told the Guardian. "I believe that America gives second chances. I want to return, and I’ll never come back to the Middle East. America can take my passport and I wouldn’t mind.”

The State Department said she wasn't a citizen, and President Trump ordered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo not to let her in the country.

I say tough luck sweet cheeks! If you play with fire then you're going to get burned. Don't sleep with the enemy and expect to be accepted back in when you come running with your tail tucked.