Disturbing Video Shows Teachers Giving Lesson on Masturbation and 'Self Love'

A shocking video was shared on Twitter, showing teachers in a classroom full of children, giving a lesson on sex, masturbation, and "self love." I don't know about you, but I don't want my young child learning about such topics until they are mature enough to truly understand.

The video that was shared appears to be more of an educational video, likely for teachers to show to their class. The footage, as you can tell, is not raw but appears to have professional lighting and a staged classroom. The source of the video is currently unknown.

The teachers in the video talk “all about the different types of love” in a co-ed classroom, which students who look like they are between the ages of 8-13.

Activist Mommy reports: 

“True or false: there’s no right or wrong age to fall in love,” the first teacher says, breaking the ice on the topic.

The children, armed with paper plates on sticks marked with a “T” or an “F,” unanimously affirm this highly questionable statement as any decent viewer is left wondering where this is going.

While the teachers should never have been asking such an inappropriate question in the first place, a sensible teacher would have perhaps guided the kids toward the understanding that they are children and that any romantic “love” they may fall into wouldn’t be the same as the kind of love that adults experience when they decided to get married. 

Instead, the second teacher confirms the students’ answers, saying, “This is true, people fall in love at all different kinds of ages.” 

They then ask the children if any of them are in love, and the students reply with various answers, such as being in love with sour candy. Obviously this is not a concept children should be expected to grasp.

“There are all kinds of different relationships,” the first teacher says, “There are all kinds of ways to show love.” The second teacher adds, “When it comes down to it, love is just love.”

I find a problem with that segment of the video because teaching children that "love is just love" no matter the age opens the door for things like pedophilia. If children thing it's acceptable, then they are more likely to fall victim.