Disturbing Video: Woman Slashes Stranger's Throat in Taco Bell

I've heard many people say that they don't feel like there is a need for them to conceal carry, or that they would just call the police if something happened. However, there are a plethora of monsters out there disguised as regular humans, and the police cannot always show up when you need them the most.

You must always remember that criminals are NOT rational. Do not allow yourself to be a victim!

One Taco Bell customer in Maryland learned this lesson the hard way, after his throat was slashed with a knife by a crazy woman in the lobby.

The Peoples Ledger reports that Caley Mason, 22, was sentenced to seven years in prison after she slashed Jason Luczkow's throat due to his objection to her ranting about the service in the restaurant. He simply asked her to stop berating the Taco Bell employees.

As she acted like a lunatic inside, her boyfriend and two young children waited for her out in the car.

Mason pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in the knife attack against Luczkow. Her outburst left the 48-year-old man with an 8-inch gash from his ear, all the way to his Adam's apple.

Not that she could really deny the offense anyway, since it was caught on camera! Here is the clip, watch at your own discretion:

“She missed my jugular, missed my carotid artery by millimeters,” Luzckow said, “It’s gruesome. It looks like I’m dead.”

The gash required over 100 stitches and left quite the scar, which he grew a beard to cover.  “I don’t particularly like having a beard,” he added, “But I didn’t like looking at myself either.”

Luczkow said he and his wife had gone to the fast-food chain on U.S. 26 the night of July 9 to pick up a few Taco Supremes and a Mexican pizza.

Mason, attired in a blond wig, was already making a scene when they arrived, according to Luczkow and the Sandy Police Department. She continued to fume over how long it took to get her food.

“Apparently, the management had already told her to leave. As she continued to rant and rave, I told her to be quiet. Told her to zip it," Luczkow said.

After exchanging a few words, Mason stormed out of the restaurant, police said. She returned a few minutes later with a knife and slashed the man who had told her to pipe down, Det. Sam Craven told The Oregonian/OregonLive.

As blood began pouring from his neck, Luzckow’s wife initially thought he was playing a prank on her. “My wife thought I was playing a practical joke with the hot sauce packets,” he said. “Needless to say, I didn’t get my order that night.”

Luzckow said Mason sped off in a silver Kia Soul that almost ran over his wife, who had pursued the knife-wielding woman.

Cops pulled over the car a short time later, police said. Inside were Mason, her boyfriend Phillip Thomas and Mason’s two young children, ages 2 and 4, said Clackamas County prosecutor Matt Semritc.

The suspect’s blond wig was no longer on top of her head.

“We found it in the boyfriend’s pants,” said Craven, the Sandy police detective.

Mason was then arrested and later indicted on numerous criminal counts which included: attempted murder, first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

There you have it folks. Crazy is lurking around every corner. Don't be a victim.