Do You Like Having a Car? Then Don't Vote For This Guy

Do you like having a car? If so, you better not vote for entrepreneur turned into dark horse Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Just to be clear, I'm pretty sure most of my audience isn't voting for this left wing nut.

While speaking at MSNBC's climate forum at Georgetown University at Thursday morning, Yang said it may be necessary to eliminate private car ownership in the fight against climate change.

Yang said to MSNBC host Ali Velshi that "we might not own our own cars" by 2050. He called private car ownership "really inefficient and bad for the environment."

The GOP War Room posted a video that shows Velshi asking Yang what he sees the world doing to fight climate change.

"You have this ability to envision the future, right, with your proposals on universal basic income. You've played the whole chess game out and you see what it looks like on the other end. Play the chess game out on climate change," Velshi said. "What does the world look like to you in 2050? What physically do you think we will do differently than we do today that will result in us fighting climate change?"

"Well I mentioned before that we might not own our own cars. Our current car ownership and usage model is really inefficient and bad for the environment," Yang responded.

"You guys all probably agree with this because you're quite young," Yang added and he even mentioned driving a 1985 Honda Accord back in the day.

He then moved forward to his alternative to individuals owning cars.

"What we're really selling is not the car, it's mobility," he said. "So if you have mobility that's then tied into a much more, if you had like, for example, this constant roving fleet of electric cars that you would just order up, then you could diminish the impact of ground transportation on our environment very, very quickly."

In order to fight climate change Yang calls for almost $5 trillion in spending over the next 20 years.