Doctor Faces Charges, Forbidden to Practice for Telling Patient 'Fetus is a Human'

A doctor in South Africa is facing charges of "unprofessional conduct" and forbidden from practicing medicine after he told a patient that her unborn baby is a human.

It's scary that people are punished for simply telling the cold, hard facts. Yet abortionists can literally rip babies from the womb and not face a single backlash.

Sowetan Live reports that Jacques de Vos told one of his patients that a "fetus is a human." The patient also claimed that he told her 'abortion kills a human being.' Upon hearing about this, he was terminated from his place of employment and instructed not to practice medicine again.

The Health Professions Council of South Africa is attempting to charge the doctor with four counts of  "unprofessional conduct," stating that he "infringed" on the woman's "autonomy with his anti-abortion utterances."

Dr. Anthony McCarthy, Society for Protection of Unborn Children Education and Research Director, is speaking out against the charges, which he describes as being "based on ideology, not scientific fact."

"From a scientific point of view, the question of when a new human life begins is relatively uncontroversial. Human life begins at fertilisation as a single cell." McCarthy continued, "Conception marks a change from cells produced by the father and mother, to a cell with a complete human genome that constitutes a new human being."

"The unborn life in the womb is undoubtedly human, and the evidence for this is overwhelming. As the parents are human — belonging to the species Homo sapiens — and the embryo is oriented to growing up just like them, the new living being is also human." He continued, "That new life is obviously both very young and very small, but is no less human than we are now.

"From a scientific and medical standpoint, the facts stated by Jacques de Vos are undoubtedly true," McCarthy added.

With the inquiry against de Vos commenced, there has been speculation that charges brought against him, are part of the growing attempts to vilify pro-life persons throughout society.

Throughout the year, SPUC has been reporting on the escalating media and legal attacks against pro-life individuals. According to SPUC, these attacks are an attempt to expunge any visible pro-life presence in society and include legal attacks aimed at censoring pro-life speech.

Sadly enough, promoting abortion and burying the truth about it is a worldwide occurrence, even here in America. While we are fighting against the injustice of murdering unborn babies, there are still millions marching for their "right" to do so.