Donald Trump on Border Crisis: 'Just Gross Incompetence'

Former President Donald Trump tossed the Biden administration a backhanded compliment, stating that the officials are “not dumb people,” but rather grossly incompetent in regards to the border crisis that they created.

"We used to think they wanted open borders, but now I realize they can't because who would want that unless they are really dumb people?" Trump told Newsmax host Emerald Robinson. "And they're not dumb people. Vicious people, but not they're not dumb people. And now I think it's just gross incompetence.”

He added, "I really do. I believe it's gross incompetence."

Trump lamented the unwinding of his effective border policies, including the "stay in Mexico" for asylum seekers awaiting a hearing and the ending of "catch and release" that permitted migrants to enter America unabated only never to return for their immigration hearings years later.

"All they had to do was go to the beach," Trump added. "If they went away on vacation, it would have been fine. And they didn't do that, and now they have a mess."

Trump noted the wall was just a few months from completion, despite "2 1/2 years" of obstruction by the Democrats in Congress and Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) that came up short supporting Trump's border wall when he was in the White House.

"Well, we have RINOs; we've got people that don't get it," Trump continued. "Everybody's got their difficulties. I got it through on sheer blood, sweat, and tears. We worked hard."

"We do have some people that don't fight the same way," he said. "And when I look and see what happened as an example, the border, we had the greatest border, as we said, and now we have the worst border and that took a period of six months.

"It's a shame that that can be allowed to take place,” the right president concluded. "We have some fantastic people in the Republican Party," Trump said. "We have some people that should get tougher and stronger."

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