Dozens of Florida Pedophiles Arrested in Undercover Sting With Deputies Posing as Minors

Florida police have released footage that shows 25 men who were snagged in an online sting as part of an operation created to catch Florida pedophiles.

The operation executed by the police was called "Operation Intercept VI." It was done by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff went on social media sites and apps and posed as minors. The suspects then engaged in sexually explicit conversations with law enforcement officials.

The footage shows the two dozen men walking into a house with the expectation they will get to molest a child. Instead the door opens and police bust out and handcuff them and drag them away.

Florida Pedophiles Greeted by Deputies and Arrested

Here are the sick men who ventured from as far as Jacksonville with hopes of committing sick acts:

Operations Intercept VI

"Unfortunately, the internet allows for easy and anonymous access to children by strangers who are hiding behind a computer screen," Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight said about the situation in a news release.

"So long as men like these prey upon our community, I will ensure our ongoing commitment to putting them behind bars."

There was an operation similar to this in 2018 which led to 21 arrests. Dating back to 2013 there have been over 100 arrests made in these operations.

Those who are convicted could face up to fifteen years in prison with a minimum sentence of five years.