Elderly Man Charged With Felony After Shooting Two Burglars Who Intruded His Home

An elderly New York man was charged with a felony after shooting two burglars who intruded house. Why? He shot them with an unregistered gun.

There's more to the story. The unregistered gun was actually inherited by the man.

“He was in the kitchen when he heard people in the garage coming up the stairs to the kitchen. When they got to the top of the stairs he told them to stop, but one started coming toward him. He fired three or four shots and struck both.”

64-year-old Ronald Stolarczyk had two burglars in his home and did what he had to do. While he was not charged with homicide, he was charged for illegal possession of a firearm. He had inherited his gun from his car, but it had not yet been registered.

Stolarczyk shot and killed 57-year-old Patricia Talerico and 27-year-old Nicholas Talerico when they broke in his home in an attempted (and failed) robbery.

There is some good news. Stolarczyk has been released from jail. But there is also some bad news. Since this happened, Stolarczyk's home has since been condemned, leaving him with nowhere to go. He is now using social services to get a temporary shelter.

He will be back in court August 5. His attorney is requesting a dismissal of the charges in the interest of justice.