Elderly Woman Dies after being Attacked for not 'Social Distancing'

An elderly woman in New York was attacked by a stranger at her local hospital, and has died as a result of the assault.

Janie Marshall, 86, died less than four hours after she was attached for Cassandra Lundy, 32, for not practicing "social distancing" to Lundy's liking.

Marshall was at the Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood on Saturday for a bowel obstruction. She reportedly grabbed a metal stand that was near a bed Lundy was sitting in around 2pm.

Lundy, a seizure patient, then attacked Marshall, claiming that she wasn't following the social distancing guidelines. Lundy hit the elderly woman in the head, and she died at 5:40pm.

Something else I find disturbing about the situation is that the hospital did not contact the NYPD until nearly FIVE HOURS after Marshall had died. Are you kidding me??

Daily Mail reports:

While a portion of the confrontation was caught on video, no one witnessed the entire attack. Lundy was released by hospital police after she was issued a disorderly conduct summons for the attack. 

Authorities are waiting on Marshall's autopsy to determine whether to upgrade the charges against Lundy. 

Lundy has been arrested 17 times previously for charges that included drug possession, trespass, assault and strangulation. 

NYC Health and Hospitals, which runs the Brooklyn facility, said it was 'saddened' by the death. 

'We are committed to ensuring a safe, health-focused environment in these very demanding times so our heroic health care workers can continue to deliver the quality, compassionate care New Yorkers need more than ever,' they added in a statement. 

'We are collaborating with the NYPD in their investigation.'   

'It's sad,' said Dealice Fuller, who chairs Brooklyn's Community Board 1. 'Something like that happens and you'd like the world to know that somebody contributed something.'

What is going on with our world?? Be safe out there. People are obviously losing it!

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