EPIC FAIL: Gillette's Anti-Men Ad Has Over 300,000 Down Votes

Someone is going to be looking for a job soon. Proctor and Gamble decided to run Gillette's anti-men ad, which trashed men and "toxic masculinity."

Who decided the best way to approach this ad campaign was to attack their target market? In the ad, they highlight sexist and bullying white males.

Needless to say, the ad is not doing so well. There are over 300,00 down votes on YouTube and the number is growing by the second.

Gillette's Anti-Men Ad


Better yet, the comment section is jam packed with men who are vowing to never purchase Gillette products again.

What a complete disaster.

Here is the ad in case you've missed it:

Gillette's Anti-Men Ad

Gillette knows it's a disaster and has began to delete comments that are criticizing their ad.

There have been some hilarious shots taken at the company for their despicable ad:

Per BBC:

There have also been calls for Gillette, which is owned by Procter & Gamble, to post an apology video.

But the brand believes the new advert aligns with its slogan and says it believes in "the best in men."

"By holding each other accountable, eliminating excuses for bad behaviour, and supporting a new generation working toward their personal 'best,' we can help create positive change that will matter for years to come," says its president, Gary Coombe.

The advert was directed by Kim Gehrig from the UK-based production company Somesuch, who also directed the 2015 campaign for Sport England, This Girl Can.

Normally I'm not on board with boycotts as I think the market sorts itself out eventually, but would totally be on board with this one. Harry's Razors, hopefully you haven't done something equally awful. Or worse yet, hopefully you don't stand with Gillette.