Evidence Shows Jersey City Attack was 'Fueled' by Anti-Semetism

Wow. Evidence is now showing that the two killers who attacked a kosher market in Jersey City were acting out of pure hatred for Jews and police officers, according to New Jersey's attorney general. They are now investigating the case as domestic terrorism.

The attack left three people dead in the store, as well as a police officer at a nearby cemetery. However, the attackers did not live to tell the tale, as they were killed during a gun battle with police on Thursday.

Fox 5 reports: 

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal also disclosed that the man and woman had five guns, including an AR-15-style rifle and a shotgun that they were wielding when they burst into the store in an attack that left the scene littered with several hundred shell casings. They also had a pipebomb in their van.

“The outcome would have been far, far worse,” if not for the Jersey City police, Grewal said.

“The evidence points toward acts of hate. I can confirm that we're investigating this matter as potential acts of domestic terrorism fueled both by anti-Semitism and anti-law enforcement beliefs,” the general said. He added that

Grewal said the attackers, David Anderson, 47, and Francine Graham, 50, had expressed interest in a fringe religious group called the Black Hebrew Israelites, whose members often rail against Jews and whites. But he said there was no evidence so far that they were members, and added that the two were believed to have acted alone.

The pair brought their cache of weapons in a U-Haul van they drove from Bay View Cemtery, where they shot and killed Jersey City Detective Joseph Seals, according to the attorney general.

How someone could have such a hatred in their heart for other human beings due to the way they look or their religion is beyond me. Do I agree with everyone? Of course not! However, I'd never go on a killing spree to prove a point.

Racism is an ugly, ugly monster.