Farage: Trump Offers Hope, That's Why He Will Win

Brexit leader Nigel Farage is predicting that President Donald Trump will win the re-election in a landslide on Tuesday, but he also warned about riots because the left won't "accept genuine democratic results."

While speaking with talkRADIO's Mike Graham on Monday, he said that the love Americans have for the president is "remarkable."

“It is remarkable. They love him. He’s got energy. He is just the greatest showman you have ever seen,” Farage said. “I have never seen a support base as enthusiastic as they are for this man. These crowds chant, ‘We love you’ — and they mean it."

“Even if you want to, look at the opinion polls, look at the betting markets, look at the lead editorials of the global press, and they will all tell you it’s a slam-dunk for Joe Biden. I do not believe it. I think the guy’s got the big momentum going with him, and I genuinely think he’s going to win tomorrow," he continued.

“When Biden talks about the ‘long, dark, winter’, and Trump says there’s going to be a super-boom under him next year, it’s really come down to hope versus fear. With Donald, you get hope… with Biden, you get fear and constant talks of death. And I think… people want a good strong leader with a positive message," Farage added.

He also noted the businesses boarding up their windows in major cities across the country, including Washington D.C. “It’s been boarded up because if Trump wins again, they know they’re going to be riots. Something has gone terribly wrong in democracy in America — and indeed in the UK — where the left, now, just don’t accept genuine democratic results.”

“Let’s be straight about this. Why are they boarding up DC? What are they scared of? Are they scared of Trump supporters? Are they scared of some of these slightly crazy groups? No. What they fear is that Trump wins and we get… largescale violence, looting, and rioting," he said.

“In a democracy, you have a strong debate, one side wins, one side loses, and provided it’s all been fair and above board, you accept the result. That’s why we have democracy… And yet what we now have got with the new radical left is a belief that they and their views are morally superior to those on the conservative right and they are quite prepared if they get a result they don’t like to try and overturn it with violence,” Farage concluded.

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