Feminazis Burn Pro-Life Advocate’s Car to a Crisp

Oof. A German pro-life advocate fell victim to arson at the hands of feminists on New Year’s eve.

Conservative blogger Gunnar Schupelius often promotes pro-life causes in his column for the Berlin newspaper, BZ. He also talks about the German March for Life often. This is what led to him being targeted by feminazis.

Not only did they admit to setting the fire, but they attempted to justify it as ‘an act of resistance for the sake of freedom.’

Life News reports:

Recently, in the German blog Chronik, radical pro-abortion feminists took credit for setting Schupelius’s vehicle on fire on Dec. 31 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. The blog also identified where Schupelius lives with his children, potentially a means of further intimidating him.

“We torched his SUV today. The BMW SUV parked in front of his apartment on … Schupelius lives there with his children …” the blog reads, “as long as women are not allowed to control their bodies themselves, we will pursue the agitators of this terror and take revenge for their propaganda of social cannibalism,” the blog states. “Every year he mobilizes for the ‘March for Life’ of opponents of abortion and repeatedly makes it clear what he thinks of women and their duties.”

They also accused Schupelius of attacking them by his opinions of believing that unborn babies shouldn’t be aborted.

“You will describe our attack as an attack on freedom of the press, but it is the Gunnar Schupelius of this world who attack women, migrants and homosexuals,” they added, “They will accuse us of terror against people with ‘different opinions.’ It is precisely those who prepare the way for terror against women, refugees and also all those who have not yet given up hope of a free world for everyone.”

Abortion is legal in Germany up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and later when there are risks to a woman’s physical or emotional health. A mandatory counseling appointment followed by a three-day waiting period are required before a woman can abort her unborn child.

Every September, thousands of pro-life advocates gather peacefully in Berlin, Germany to stand up for unborn babies’ right to life.

I think it would be really life changing to visit the right to life march in Germany.