Fetterman Makes Unlikely Across-the-aisle Recommendation to Lead Harvard Fight Against Antisemitism

Harvard University is in turmoil, and Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, might be the person to restore its former glory. Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., believes Romney can help the institution shift away from "far-left orthodoxy."

Daniel Rosen, a Harvard alumnus, voiced his concerns in a Washington Post opinion piece. He urged Romney to step in as university president to address the issues plaguing Harvard. Rosen highlights Romney’s leadership qualities as ideal for the job, despite being a lifelong Democrat who didn’t support Romney's presidential run.

Rosen describes Harvard as being in a dire state due to ongoing antisemitism issues. He advocates for Romney's appointment in hopes of initiating necessary reforms and tackling the antisemitism tarnishing the school's reputation.

On social media platform X, Fetterman echoed Rosen's sentiments, noting the importance of addressing antisemitism, particularly in light of recent events at Columbia University.

Rosen, deeply affected by his family history with the Holocaust, expressed his dismay at the administration’s failure to combat antisemitism effectively. Despite not feeling marginalized as a student himself, he acknowledges a recent increase in hate speech on campus.

He criticizes Harvard’s inadequate response to antisemitism under the leadership of then-President Claudine Gay. Gay’s failure during congressional testimony to condemn extreme antisemitic sentiments drew significant backlash.

Following her controversial testimony, Gay apologized but faced plagiarism accusations, leading to her resignation. Rosen calls for a leader like Romney, who embodies the university's values and can navigate the current divisive political climate.

Romney, known for his moderate stances and willingness to work across the aisle, is seen as a unifier who could lead Harvard through this tumultuous period. His track record includes bipartisan efforts and moral stands against former President Trump.

Romney’s political career includes significant achievements such as managing the 2002 Winter Olympics and serving as Massachusetts governor. Although he didn’t win the presidency in 2012, his leadership qualities are well recognized.