Forever 21 Blasted for Including Atkins Bars with Orders of Plus-Size Clothing

Many people are triggered over this. There are some furious Forever 21 customers who are claiming there were Atkins diet bars included with their plus-size clothing orders.

There have been shoppers calling out the retail chain in recent days. It has created outrage on social media with people sharing photos of the low-carb lemon flavored bars that came with their purchases of plus-size clothing.

Twitter user @jessemarisaelao tweeted:

"my mom ordered some clothes from @Forever21‘s plus size collection and they sent a Atkins diet bar along with the stuff she ordered "

Forever 21 Includes Atkins Bar with Plus-Size Clothing Orders

This tweet has since been liked over 11,000 times. Jesse followed up about body image.

Another Twitter user @MissGirlGames commented on receiving the Atkins bars and was very offended by it:

A representative of Forever 21 spoke with USA Today and said samples of the bar were included in orders "across all sizes and categories,” which have “since been removed” from distribution.

It's a free sample, people. Why does everything have to be taken as an attack? Try the bar, maybe you like it and use it to spark your weight loss journey.

"This was an oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused to our customers, as this was not our intention in any way,” Forever 21 stated.

So Forever 21 was forced to apologize for including a free sample with their orders. That's the outrage culture we live in right now.