France Could Copy Trump's Immigration Ban

A leading presidential candidate in France could copy Trump's immigration ban. If Marine Le Pen is elected in May, do not be surprised if this happens. Her team stands firmly behind Trump's actions.

France Could Copy Trump's Immigration Ban, marine le pen, middle east

Steve Briois is a leading member of Le Pen's campaign team. He said the team is very open to following Trump's lead. Banning immigrants from certain countries is definitely something they will look into, particularly countries in the Middle East.

“Why not? We not living in the word of Care Bears anymore. We are in a horrible world,” Briois said to AFP Monday. “It is true that the United States is also a target for jihadists, so if Trump wants to protect it by forbidding the arrival of these people from these countries, he is free to do that. Obviously it is unfortunate for those who have nothing to do with that.”

While Le Pen has not directly came out and said she plans on banning immigrants from the Middle East, she did back Trump's executive orders. She said the only reason people are irritated is because Trump is actually following through with his campaign promises.

It will be interesting to see how the public reacts to Le Pen's stances on immigration.