Giroir: ‘You Will Get Delta Variant’ If You’re Not Vaccinated, Haven’t Had COVID

According to former Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Brett Giroir, M.D., people who have not previously had COVID or the vaccine, will contract the delta variant.

Giroir told Fox News, “Remember, for everyone that’s doubting, there have been over 4 billion vaccine doses given worldwide. Hundreds of millions of doses in the United States with authorized vaccines and the side effects of the vaccines pale in comparison to what you will get if you get COVID infection.”

He continued, “Let me tell you. If you have not been vaccinated and you have not had COVID before, you will get the Delta variant. This is so infectious that you will get it. If you have had COVID before, we don’t know exactly, but it’s looking like prior immunity is not so good against Delta, and I’m really concerned that the evidence is mounting that even natural immunity will not protect you against Delta.”

Giroir added, “So get the vaccine. It’s the way to save your life, to keep you out of the hospital, and that’s the number one reason we need to get it.”

Fox host Sandra Smith asked, “Back to what you just said a moment ago. Because that’s a big statement. You are saying that anyone who is not vaccinated right now in this country, you believe that they will contract the Delta variant considering how contagious it is is?”

Giroir responded, “Anyone who is not vaccinated and who did not have COVID previously, the Delta variant is so contagious that you are going to get it. It is just a matter of time.”

He added, “If you have prior immunity, you do have some protection, but more and more data are telling us that that protection is not so good against Delta. Remember, you can get the flu every year. It’s not because your immunity isn’t good, it’s because the flu changes, and Delta is really a new strain that’s different than everything we’ve seen, so I am real concerned that natural immunity, although real, is not going to be sufficient against Delta. If you don’t have natural immunity and you’re not vaccinated, you’re gonna get Delta, so prevent it by getting your vaccine.”

I don’t buy it, but that’s just me.

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