CORRECTION: Greta Thunberg Announced as 'Successor' of Jesus by Church of Sweden

CORRECTION: The tweet we based this article on was actually written by a local pastor. He eventually apologized for the tweet. We now apologizing for misleading the audience. Again, this was a tweet by a local pastor and not a reflection of the entire Church of Sweden.

The Church of Sweden has made no secret of how big of a fan they are of climate change fanatic Greta Thunberg. Last December a pastor announced her as a "successor" to Jesus Christ.

“Announcement! Jesus of Nazareth has now appointed one of his successors, Greta Thunberg”, The Church of Limhamn tweeted.

On Monday this announcement resurfaced due to the renewed interest in Thunberg's activism.

The Church of Sweden Malmö announced last week that they would ring their church bells in conjunction with the Global Climate Strike. Thunberg just so happens to be the face of the Global Climate Strike.

“In conjunction with the Global Climate Strike, church bells ring and we gather for prayer for the future of the earth,” the church announced. “We pray that we believe that man is responsible for nurturing and managing Creation so that children are given the opportunity for a future. We pray that we know that climate change affects the most vulnerable — poor, children and women. We pray that we believe in man’s ability to change and change.”

“When the Amazon burns, we gather to fight for Mother Earth together,” the site reads, continuing, “WELCOME!”

More per Daily Wire:

The church account retweeted folks supporting and praising their “humorous” tweet about Thunberg being a successor to Jesus Christ while also defending the tweet by posting a link to the “nuances” of the word “success” soon following the post.

“Here you can read more about the word ‘success’ and its different meanings / nuances,” the Church of Limhamn posted.

Since then the Twitter account has been abandoned. Their last tweet was an apology along with a defense of their message.

“Dear twitter, If we have hurt someone we apologize. Our sense has been to talk about Jesus Christ in our own way. Now we leave the arena. Thank you for your commitment, joy and debate. God bless you! Jonas Persson, ward pastor.”

They are completely off the deep end. This young girl is the "successor" of Jesus Chris? That is absolutely insane.