Hawk Tuah Girl Emerges and Explains What She Really Meant in Viral Video

The Hawk Tuah girl has finally shared what she really meant in the viral video.

The video went viral, leading her to join Zach Bryan on stage for a country music gig in Nashville, Tennessee, and launch her own merch line.

If you’re getting your fifteen minutes of fame, you might as well use them wisely, right?

At first, fans had a hard time tracking down the 23-year-old. Eventually, she was identified as Haliey Welch. She had to debunk a few random rumors about herself.

Welch assumed she’d ‘never see’ the video of her street interview with YouTuber duo Tim and Dee again. How wrong she was.

She and her friend Chelsea were filmed on a night out in Nashville earlier this summer. The pair spoke out on the podcast, Plan Bri Uncut.

While Chelsea admitted she wasn’t ‘prepared for those kinds of questions’ and ‘knew what she was saying,’ Welch confessed, “I just said I don’t give a f**k where it [the video] went.”

You’ve probably seen the viral clip with her care-free attitude. But if you think ‘Hawk Tuah’ is a rare bird, here’s the lowdown.

The creators asked her, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?”

With sound effects, Welch replied, “You gotta give ‘em that ‘hawk tuah,’ and spit on that thang!”

Despite fans taking her advice seriously, she said, “You can tell I’m obviously joking in it. Like, I don’t mean nothing by it.”

So, it was just a joke. She didn’t mean anything by it.

Yet, a viral star was born.

However, Welch confirmed her future plans and said we might not have ‘Hawk Tuah’ content for long as she doesn’t want it ‘to be her image.’