Hidin' Biden Brags: My 'Hiding' Strategy 'Working Pretty Well'

Oh, Biden. His lights are on, but no one home.

On Tuesday, the former vice president told CNN that his strategy of "hiding" in his basement amid the coronavirus pandemic "has been working pretty well." Hiding from the coronavirus? More like hiding from the questions about Tara Reade and facing Donald Trump.

He would rather "hide" in the name of corona than face the truth and I think that says a lot about the kind of man that Joe Biden is. Do you really want a man who takes pride in "hiding" as the president of the greatest country in the world? I think not.

When the presumptive Democrat candidate was told that Trump “is trying to paint a picture” of him “as somebody who’s too old to be president” and is “missing a step,” Biden claimed that the commander in chief  “is a fella who looks like he’s having a trouble controlling his own emotions.”

He added that “all this stuff about Biden’s hiding… the fact of the matter is it’s working pretty well so far” because Trump is “behind in almost every state.”

Um, fake news.

Breitbart reports:

The former vice president, who has been conducting various local and national interviews from his basement studio during the pandemic, did acknowledge that this does not mean Trump will be trailing in nearly every critical battleground state in November.

On a recent conference call with grassroots supporters, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said Trump knows that “he’s in trouble” because of the polling numbers in some of the most important battleground states.

In addition to having leads in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, Biden also has the lead in Arizona based on current polling. He is also within striking distance in states like Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina, which will force the Trump campaign to spend resources defending those states.

O’Malley Dillon has indicated that the campaign thinks it can get at least 318 electoral votes based on current polling.

“We know that Donald Trump knows that he’s in trouble, and that he is going to do whatever he can to deflect to throw things out there… in order to distract this country,” O’Malley Dillon said.

On Tuesday, Biden declared that Trump becomes “more erratic the more he feels like he’s behind the curve.”

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