Hillary Says She's 'Very Pleased' with House Proceeding Impeachment

On Thursday, the House took the first big step in an attempt to impeach President Trump. Democrats were successful in passing an impeachment resolution in hopes of making Trump the third president in history to be impeached.

The resolution passed with a vote of 232 to 196. Only two Democrats voted against the measure, and no Republicans supported it. Imagine that.

In an interview with Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated that she is “very pleased that the House today is proceeding in such a deliberative manner” on impeachment.

Well of course she is! The woman has been dead set on ruining Trump the moment she realized that he posed a threat to her chances at becoming president. Once she lost the election in 2016, she has been nothing but a thorn in his side.

The walking pantsuit said, “I am very pleased that the House today is proceeding in such a deliberative manner."

She continued, "And so, I’m hoping that, now that this is going to move toward public hearings, where people can see these witnesses in person, they can be like a juror themselves trying to decide, that the American people will make a very careful study of what they’re being told.”

She even compared Trump to former President Richard Nixon, who was impeached in 1974 on grounds of "obstruction of justice."

Here is the interview. You can fast forward to the 10:00 mark for her most relevant comments:

If you watched, around 13 minutes in, Chelsea Clinton started talking about respect for the "rule of law" and Hillary nods along in agreement. The woman who literally sent classified emails over a private unsecured server,  deleted 33,000 emails, and then destroyed her devices has the gall to agree that Americans should respect the rule of law.