Hollywood Actor Inspired by Mr. Rogers to Take on the 'Woke Wolves of Hollywood'

Kirk Cameron, beloved for his book readings for kids, unveils a new project. On Feb. 19, he spoke about creating content away from Hollywood's influence.

"Parents and grandparents are sickened and tired of their children being attacked by the woke wolves of Hollywood," Cameron said. He's teaming up with Brave Books for more child-friendly content.

Together, they're launching "Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk," a live-action TV show. It aims to blend moral teachings with modern fun, including animated stories and guest stars.

Cameron believes it's time to reclaim culture from negative influences. Families want trustworthy entertainment that teaches biblical morals.

The show is set to premiere in August 2024. It's seen as a significant addition to children's entertainment.

Trent Talbot, CEO of Brave Books, emphasized the need for character-building content. The show will feature Cameron, Leigh-Allyn Baker, and John Kennedy as Iggy the Iguana.

Talbot praised the show as a pivotal development in children's TV. Cameron and Baker stress the importance of keeping politics away from children's content.

Baker laments the politicization of children's entertainment. She's excited to offer a show that lets kids enjoy childhood.

"Parents want wholesome, enriching content for their children," Baker said to Fox News. "I find it sad that most of Hollywood is no longer interested in protecting the innocence of children but instead is willing to sacrifice them for the promotion of political, progressive propaganda that checks some boxes for their corporations." 

Cameron highlighted the gap in children's TV that aligns with Christian values. He's determined to provide quality, engaging content.

He's aware of the challenges but believes in the project's potential. Cameron aims to maintain integrity without Hollywood's influence.

The show will mix live action, animation, and moral lessons. It's designed to address modern issues in a child-friendly manner.

Cameron is focused on producing a high-quality, educational, and entertaining show. He views it as his most crucial project yet.