Illegal Alien Molests Toddler at McDonald's in Sanctuary City

Sanctuary cities do nothing but harbor criminals. And yes, illegal immigrants ARE criminals. Notice the word "illegal" in front of the word immigrant? If you are not in our country legally, then you are breaking the law, and therefore a criminal.

I am outraged for parents in those cities as I read about a Chicago family who came face to face with one of those criminals as he molested their three-year-old little girl in a McDonald's bathroom.

Christopher Puente, 34, is a homeless, illegal felon. In no way is he contributing to society. Why is he being protected by the left? 

As the Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Christopher Puente motioned to the toddler from a bathroom stall in the iconic fast food outlet Monday morning, luring her as her father helped the girl’s brother use the toilet in an adjacent stall, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said during a bond hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse.

Hearing the girl crying, and seeing her legs dangling from under the stall door, the girl’s father tried to pull open the locked stall door, and eventually pulled the girl under the door. The man rushed to take both children to their mother, then went back to the bathroom and saw Puente still locked in the stall, prosecutors said. The man went back to check on his children, and when he returned to the bathroom, Puente was gone.

Puente was arrested the next day for trespassing at a parking garage a few blocks from the McDonald’s, and was identified as the girl’s attacker by police, who recognized him from a still photo of surveillance footage from the restaurant, at 600 N. Clark St. The footage also showed Puente wearing the same clothes he wore during the attack and when he was arrested Tuesday, Murphy said.

Surveillance video from the restaurant also captured Puente, the father and his two children entering and exiting the bathroom, Murphy said.

Peunte has a long criminal history and has spent a good amount of time in prison for theft and burglary. Now he is facing misdemeanor battery charges for allegedly touching a woman inappropriately and then shoving her. That doesn't even count what the piece of trash just did to this innocent little girl.

Puente reportedly confessed after he was arrested, telling them that he “pulled off the girl’s pants and underwear and sat her on his lap.”

“He said that the victim called out ‘Daddy, daddy,’” Murphy reported, “[Puente] said he was f——ked up and thinking dirty. … He said he was paranoid and looking around as he left the bathroom because he knew what he did was wrong.”

Activist Mommy reports:

Fortunately, Judge Susana Ortiz ordered Puente to be held without bail on charges of predatory criminal sexual assault. Displaying just how entitled and above the law illegal aliens believe themselves to be, hearing-impaired Puente expressed outrage and confusion by the judge’s order.  

“You don’t understand. This is my first time,” Puente said, signing rapidly until Assistant Public Defender Scott Finger told him to stop.

This should have never happened in the first place.

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